Version: 0.5


YI Open API SDK can be used by developer to develop applications using YI 4K Action Camera. Developer can use this SDK to connect to a YI 4K Action Camera and control it to do operations like start recording, stop recording, take picture, etc.

Quick Start

Download our SDK library, add to your project as a dependent library. See below for a simple call flow.

  1. Invoke Platform.initialize() to initialize the platform.
  2. Create an object of ActionCamera and invoke ActionCamera.connect().
  3. Wait for ActionCameraListener.onConnected() callback.
  4. Send command to camera and process kinds of camera notifications.
  5. Invoke ActionCamera.disconnect() to disconnect from the camera.
  6. Wait for ActionCameraListener.onClosed() callback.
  7. Invoke Platform.uninitialize() to uninitialize the platform.

You can also check our samples to see how to use our SDK.